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Judge me by my size do you? Hm? And well you should not!"

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Name:Yoda Love
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This is a community devoted to that little green love-god, Yoda. Yoda fic is very welcome. Even Yoda orgyfic.

Of course, any fic posted should be behind a cut and have a small summary with a rating attached to it. This is to prevent people stabbing out their imaginations as they have their childhood's ruined. :D

Interests (21):

anakin skywalker, dagobah, darth vader, good yoda lovin, greenness, jedi, jedi council, kermit, lightsabers, luke skywalker, mace windu, obi wan kenobi, qui-gon jinn, samuel l jackson, special jedi council, special lightsaber training, wookies, yoda, yoda lovin wookies, yoda/chewie, yoda/kashykk
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